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    We appreciate very much that you have searched for our homepage. The Downtown Mixed Choir was founded in January 2005 by conductor Zoltán Tibor Szabó. The approximately 20 members of the choir are amateur singers loving music. Our goal was to promote the culture of Hungarian and international choir art, especially focusing on music of the Ruthenian nationality in Carpathian basin, its traditions and values. We are fond of playing music together and perform it in public.

We have had several performances in Budapest Summer Festivals, concerts in different churches of the 5th district and the capital and we participate regularly in  cultural programs of the city. The choir is a regular participant of the celebrations of Ruthenian nationality of Budapest, but we also have performaces in other towns and villages of the country. We have visited Borsi in Slovákia twice, where it was our privilege to make a short concert in the program series organized for the honorable Prince Ferenc Rákóczi II .

Our tradition is to co-operate with different choirs and to organize a joint performance on the Day of World Music. In our concerts some gifted young musicians have got the opportunity to introduce their talent to the audience.

As the acknowledgement of our work, we regularly have concerts in the Saint Steven Cathedral (Szent István Bazilika) in ’Memory of the Victims of the Revolution of ’56’. Co-operating with Jubilee Szent István Simphony Orchestra we performed Gounod: Mass in C-mayor and together with some other choirs Mozart: Requiem.

Koncertünk a Szent )István Bazilikában

Since its fundation the choir has regularly participated in international meetings of choirs. In 2006 we introduced in 6th International Chamber Choirs Meeting in Kragujevac (Serbia), representing Hungary.

We were invited by Roman Catholic Rev. County Bishop of Munkács to celebrate a music performance in August 2007. During this concert tour we visited Máriapócs, Kölcsey’s tomb in Tiszacseke, Móricz Zsigmond’s birthplace in Tiszacsécse and we had concerts in the towns of Debrecen, Püspökladány, Tarpa and Hajdúszoboszló as well.

Munkácson   Koncertünk Kotorban








Visiting to Croatia in 2011, we had presentations in Cavtat and Dubrovnik within the framework of 'Summer Festival in Dubrovnik’, which were followed by another performance in Kotor (Montenegro).

In 2012 the choir was invited to Prague and in 2013 to Krakko, the capital of Polish kings. In the Summer Festival the singers had 3 presentations, among them the one-hour concert given in Maria Cathedral was the most remarkable.

In 2014 in Toscana (Italy), we had two concerts (Vinci, Empoli) with great success.

   Torockón a Székelykő lábánál   

In 2015 the choir had its 10th Anniversary, which was celebrated in Budapest by a world music (Theatre Hall of Duna Palota) and a chapel concert (Szent Anna Church, Szervita tér). Nagyvárad (Oradea), Torda (Turda), Torockó (Rimetea) and Kolozsvár (Kluj-Napoca) followed the line of our foreign tours.

In the autumn of 2016 Downtown Choir had performaces in Kaprun, in Rauris and in Salzburg (Austria). In the summer of 2017 we had 2 concerts in Lido di Jesolo close to Venice. We had music performace in the town Kranj in Slovenia next year.  The goal of our concerttour was South-Tirol in Italy in 2019, where we participated in in 7 choir programs.  

We have always focused on the traditional programs of Budapest Festivals’ ’People,  Sing’,  in the framework of which we have the chance to introduce our knowledge of sacred and world music, joining home and foreign choirs.

The last few years we have always been invited to music programs of international choir meetings organised by József Attila Cultural House in Dorog.

The choir has made several benefit concerts. In 2010 we had a music performance which was held in the church in Ferenciek Square (Ferenciek tere) for supporting the flood victims. In the church in Gazdagrét, we donated the income of the concert for the following construction of the church-building. We tended to ease life of the residents of flooded Sajópetri and donated them as well.

Szent Mihály templomban  A Ferencesek templomában








Our concerts in Advent have become customary. This line of Christmas traditions started in the Church of Terézváros in 2005, then in Jesus’ Heart Parsonage Church in Városmajor, the Catholic Church in Sashalom, the Church of Gazdagrét and they were followed by the one in Grassalkovich Palace in Gödöllő. During the last years our concerts took place in the ’Queen’s of the Skies’ Church in Újpest and Saint Anna Church in Szervita Square  downtown.

The active work and mission of the choir was acknowledged by the Cultural Committee of the 5th District of the capital by the grant of Kölcsey Ferenc Award in 2010 and in 2015 the conductor was awarded by Decoration Cross for his active artistic work.

Our cultural programs and concerts have been on TV several times and more than 10 DVDs have been made about them.

The repertory of the choir consists of different periods of church music from Gregorian to Gospels, music of the nationalities of the Carpathian basin, but we also deal with the masterpieces of current choir and Hungarian folk music.

Hopefully the programs of the following years will be of a high standard and enjoyable for each member of the choir and for our respectful audience as well.                                            

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